Xanitra has been producing music since 1999, and is still growing strong. Right now the Xanitra music has been on hold. Not much going on in 2005, since I am learning to use some new equipment. But as soon as that wraps up, I am sure to be back on my feet. All my new material will be released here as soon as it becomes available.

Xanitra has been available through various sites

mp3.com, besonic.com, freetrax.com,

all sites are now extinct. The thing is I don't have time for sites to get fucked in just a matter of years, so that is why xanitra.com exists, because that I can pay for and manage myself. I decide when this site goes away. So enjoy the tunes. Please also check out my remixes of other artists.

Want everything that xanitra has ever released? That is over 200 songs, are you sure you can handle that? OK! Follow these instructions to get the Xanitra exclusive (to this site only) DVD. ( ehem, coming soon. )