I had finally thrown away Music 2000 as a program for making my music, and started using the Virus. Spending a year ( 2004 ) learning to use the Virus in its entirety, I had now started to make some tunes. Most of them weren't that good. Trust me:) But the most beautiful pieces survived, got names, and have now been published as of 19 of June 2006. Enjoy. WHen 2005 ended, I saw myself spending more money on musical equipment, choosing Cubase scrapping Magix. My equipment would suddenly become: Soundcraft 4 mixer, Korg Electribe SX, and the Virus Indigo C.
Xanitra - Countdown to extinction      - A depressing piece. With some ambience and a bleeping sounds that runs all through the track.

Xanitra - Dimension 431                    - Same style as above but a little more experimental. Changed the bleeping sound with a series of tones.

Xanitra - Fluffy Oboe                        - Now I'm getting the hang of things. The words "cute and beautiful" help define this track nicely. And I actually listen to this track myself on occasion. Quite proud of this, but make up your own mind about it.

Xanitra - Stars will Die                      - I had to pick a very beautiful title for this track since it is the most wonderful track of 2005 in my opinion.