no song yet, check here soon

I have finished learning my new equipment, and experimental songs plus new ones, will be released on this page. 

note written 26 feb 2006

Angels ( Xanitra summer mix )


I'm currently remixing DJ Mozy's Angels. How that goes will be posted here, but so far, I have decided to make a much darker song than the original. You can play the original song at DJ Mozy's page.

Update: 1 of March

The template for the song is finished. It needs some minor work, and there is plenty more to do with the beat. 

But up till now, the remix has moved from trance to house, and it isn't so dark as I first thought it would be. The track doesn't venture far from the original BPM wise either. 

Stay tuned for more news on this as I continue my work on this remix. 

Update 17 of January

The "summer mix" as I have chosen to call it, is finished. It turned out rather well also, and can be downloaded from our site. right here:


Dirty Light Switches

Tangle [ Xanitra U-turn miX ]

Ambient Trance

Dirty light Switches is very talented, so I wanted to remix one of his tunes. Tangle is his best yet, so it was only natural that I picked this one. This too, will be a more twisted version than the original.

Update 17 of January

Only have to record the song, and upload it here to finish this one. Look forward to it, it's a real piece of art. 

This is probably one of my most beautiful remixes yet. It truly is outstanding. Download it, to hear it. 


Seismic Anomoly

Walkin' Tha Line [ Xanitra summer miX ]

Progressive Trance

This was more a challenge than a remix request. I took the challenge, and this is the result. Pretty danceable I might add. 


World Wind [ Xanitra USA miX ]


Remixed on request for Nemo. This first remix was my trance entry. Originally, it was way too long, so I had to shorten it up a bit to make it pheasable for the radio edit feel I wanted it to have. 


World Wind [ Xanitra RUSSIA miX ]


Since I built up many borders for myself on the first mix, the second mix I let loose some of my experimental nature

The result, was a pretty wierd product, which I think amazes me, as much as it will amaze you. 


Song of the rotting people

Goth ambient

This is just a little horror theme for Halloween. "Happy" halloween everybody. hark hark hark.