Welcome to www.Xanitra.com

Xanitra is an experimental group from Norway. Weird and unique sounds of one mind have been translated into Xanitra. If you want something that isn't commercially available, but more for the people in need of a change, Xanitra is well suited for your needs.


We at Xanitra.com are probably not the peak on the net. There are plenty of sites on the net,
which surely can prove they are a lot better at what they do. But our little service that we do
provide is something we find priceless. You have to consider if this is true. What we provide:

* A complete guide to the best techno music from the best underground bands around. Among them
our very own  Xanitra  from Norway.

* A store to which all our matierial is available on cd, if you prefer that to mp3 files.

* We also provide various guides to various subjects. Everything from cartoons,
to our highly acclaimed guide to sex, is contained herein.

* There will be a lot more real soon, so keep us bookmarked, and stay tuned.

You need Realplayer, or Winamp to hear something.
You need Explorer, or Netscape to see anything.
You have to believe in Xanitra, to feel anything,