www.back2roots.org     A nice site for OLD games
www.diabloii.net     The greatest game EVER, gets a bible.
www.nyenorskepriser.no    Some wierdo norwegian shopping site.
www.priceclub.no     Same as above.
www.netthandelen.no     Auction based netpage (norwegian.)
www.3dfxcool.no     The best norwegian site for shopping cool "PC dork" gear.
www.qxl.no     The far superior auction webite. Visit www.qxl.com for more info.
www.microplex.no    The first of many computer gear sites. Less cool than 3dfxcool.com
www.hardware.no    This site holds the best forum for information on computer related topics.  Norwegian.
www.komplett.no    Probably not the best (all the time) but I prefer this computer net shop to all others.
www.databutikken.com/no    Another shop for computer gear.
www.ozonmedia.se        My heroes. These guys brought me and my sisters fav. anime to us with swedish speech. Excellent!! (tlf: 0046-08-604 94 50)
www.the-underdogs.org    Another site for good old games.
www.inpoc.no    Graphics for your mobile phone.
www.webdeal.no    The web address speaks for itself.
www.bandindex.no    An index for norwegian bands.
www.kelko.no    A pretty broad net shop.
www.thunderdvd.com    A site that ships DVDs as gifts!! Yess! Avoid costums! 

www.deepdiscountdvd.com    Another site as the one above?
http://www.tfrollout.com    Transformers related site.
http://www.bwtf.com    Transformers related site.
http://library.brickshelf.com    LEGO!!!

http://www.di.fm  A good radio station on the net. 

http://www.ambientmusic.co.uk  Good ambient site. Buy a CD and find out for yourself. 

www.digitalblasphemy.com  VERY GOOD site for wallpapers. 

http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/ Make your own posters in black / white. 

http://www.dvdboxoffice.com/ Nice example of how a good store for DVD's. 

http://www.neave.com/ Nice example of a good homepages

http://www.besonic.com The best place for independent artists at the moment. 

http://www.randomartist.com Fun site for random independent artists:)

http://www.dance-industries.com Dance industries.. Very good site for indi techno music. 

http://www.animenfo.com/  Good site for most info on anime / cartoons. 

http://www.lsound.no  If you want subwoofers, look no further. Good cables, and good subbers here. 

http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutsshs.shtml  The deal on hurricanes. 

http://www.cubase.net Forum for the music program I use. 

http://vnes.thatsanderskid.com/   great site for Nintendo games




A homepage of a good friend of mine Knut


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