I thought I'd use my homepage to show you some pictures of my friends here where I live currently: In Molde. No, I haven't forgotten about Trondheim, but Molde is a very beautiful city with its own kind of people.

I've met some of the most beatiful people I know, right here in Molde, including my beloved girlfriend ( originally from Trondheim.)

So here they are. Enjoy.

sorry about the quality on some of these. BUt that's what you get when you buy a lousy digital camera from HP with a 1 second delay before the picture goes off. But some of these bring back real memories. I didn't bother making links to them, so if you want a larger version, just download the picture:)

My girlfriend

My girlfriend 2

   My girl and me

My girlfriend 3 (aaaw)


Linda 1

Linda 2

Vegard and Linda 1

Vegard and Linda 2


Vegard and Linda 3

Linda and, Vegard?

Vegard and Linda 4

Molde sundown


Knut 1

Knut 2

Knut and Linda

Molde sundown    (3 minutes after)


Solfrid and Linda 1

Linda and Solfrid 1

Linda and Solfrid 2

Linda and Solfrid 3


The gang looking fresh, except me of course. Solfrid took the picture.

Me (sinister)

Not quite there yet.

Here and there. Kristian is to the right.

You can be jealous. We really know how to party.

Well, sort of.

That's better

MUCH better

Nothing like a ..pfft


And this, is an alcohol party, yes?


Knut, Kristian, and Vegard

Me, and in a good mood too.